fixed-casement-windowsHigh-Profile Fixed Windows

High Profile Fixed Windows contain a frame which is designed to accommodate larger openings and create an open view in the room. They can easily replace your existing windows and be combined with other Majesticon window designs for more sophistication and architectural creativity. With their expansive view, High-Profile Fixed Windows will create an amazing window effect in your home.

High-Profile Fixed Windows Features And Benefits

  1. Strong fusion-welded frame and sash corners keep cold air out.
  2. Multi-chambered design insulates and prevents condensation.
  3. Triple co-extruded weather-strip sealing for added insulation value.
  4. 90° sash opening lets you clean easily from inside.
  5. Interior glazing system with flexible sash seal eliminates leaks.
  6. Drainage channels on exterior sash, not visible from inside.
  7. Easy-clean, removable overlap internal screen.
  8. Multi-point locking system provides additional security.
  9. 3/4″ double-strength glass for optimum insulation efficiency.
  10. Dual Arm Truth MaximTM system hardware for effortless operation.